According to The Irish Times Portugal’s capital is bursting with culture and great places to eat, stay and party – all at bargain prices!

Assemble a city-break destination from a wishlist of components and you get Lisbon: a wide glittering river, limpid skies, steep cobbled streets, palaces, churches (and a castle, of course), tiles in pink, mint and indigo, and cheap, fresh, grilled sardines to eat outside a tasca (bar) in the sun. It’s a place so beautiful you can’t believe people are using it to live in. And Lisbon is decidedly lively. Every year it seems there is more to do, more to eat and more distance to cover.


  • Tram to Belém
  • The Gulbenkian
  • Surf tours
  • A day on the tiles
  • Retro store A Vida Portuguesa
  • Flea markets and bric-a-brac
  • Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology


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