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1. Age

All students must be over 18 years.

2. Classes

Each class is 1 1/2 hours long, with a fifteen-minute break in the middle. Academic Bridge maintains a maximum number of 15 students per class.

*The average class sizes of 12 students per class.


Academic Bridge reserves the right to have timetable changes during the year. This may be due to unavoidable circumstances and therefore Academic Bridge will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused.

Any material requested by the school has to be bought by the student. If a student does not have the correct material at any stage within their course, Academic Bridge has the right to take actions according to its school rules and school policy.


Owning to lack of demand for A0/A1 level, Academic Bridge does not run classes below Pre-Intermediate level in the morning. Any student who tests at Elementary level will be advised to change their booking to the afternoon, where their level can be facilitated. Once the student has reached Pre-Intermediate level they can attend classes in the morning.


Every 12 weeks the book will be changed to a different edition, as stated by the Director of Studies.

The acquisition of official books is mandatory and non-negotiable.

Photocopies are prohibited.

Students who do not possess the book cannot attend classes and will be marked as absent until the book is purchased.

3. Attendance and Expulsion

As stipulated by the Irish Government, Non-EU students must maintain an attendance of 85%. If they do not have 85% they will not be able to renew their visa and may run the risk of being expelled.

  • 20 classes (total 10 days) : They will be issued their first warning letter.
  • 30 classes (total 15 days): They will receive their second warning letter.
  • 36 classes (total 18 days): They are now unable to achieve 85% attendance by the end of their course.
  • 40 classes (total 20 days): They receive their final warning letter; they now have 5 working days to speak to the Director of Studies.
  • 60 classes (30 days): They are EXPELLED, they are sent an expulsion notice and immigration is informed immediately.

Please note that your monthly attendance will be sent to GNIB at the end of every month.

4. Punctuality

If a student arrives 10 minutes after the class has started, they will have to wait until the break time to enter the class. This means they will only get attendance for half their class.

5. Sick Leave

If a student is sick, we advise he/she to contact the school on the first day of their absence.
They can telephone on 01 8788616 or email [email protected] and their information will be put on the student file.
They must call every day after until they return to classes.
If said student has a doctor certificate, they must present it on the day they return and a copy will be taken for our files.

6. Fees

Fees include:

  • Learner Protection.
  • placement test.
  • Tuition.
  • Handouts
  • Use of computers.

Fees do NOT include:

  • Lunch or other meals.
  • Books.
  • Health insurance and bank charges.

*A registration fee of €50 will be charged on all course. Students must only pay this fee once.

7. Airport & Transer

Academic Bridge can arrange for you to be collected at the Airport and taken to your accommodation. The cost of this service is €35.00. The transfer service is available between 08.00 – 23.00. It may be possible to arrange a transfer outside these hours, in which case a supplement of €10 is payable. In case of flight cancellation, delay, rescheduling or if you have problems with the Immigration, please contact your agent immediately.

8. Accommodation

A booking fee of €50 will be charged on all accommodation booked by Academic Bridge.

Host Families
– Prices are based on 7 night stays, beginning on any day.
– Half board Monday- Friday. Weekend options are full board or breakfast only.
– All guests must show a valid ID upon arrival
– Located in Dublin suburbs. Average travel time of 30/40 minutes on public transport. This may be longer at peak traffic times.
– Extra nights costs €35 per person per night sharing (check on availability).
Student Residence
– Based on 7 nights, beginning from any day.
– Self-Catering: No meals included
– All guests must show a valid ID upon arrival.
– Extra nights cost €30 per person per night individual or €25 per person per night sharing (check on availability).
– Based on 7 nights, beginning from any day
– Continental breakfast included sometimes. No lunches or dinners included
– All guests must show a valid ID upon arrival.
– Extra nights cost €25 per person per night (check on availability).

9. Medical Insurance

All non-EU students are required to have private medical insurance.

Academic Bridge can make arrangements for any student wishing to get private medical insurance, with O’Driscoll O’Neil Insurance Plc.
These policies cover emergency medical expenses and are compliant with the applicable visa regulations.
A twelve month’s policy cost €120. A copy of the policy will be given to the student.
All EU nationals should bring their European Health Insurance Card with them, this covers public medical care.

10. Learners Protection Insurance

All non-EU, student enrolled in Academic Bridge are covered by Learner Protection with,O’Driscoll O’Neil Insurance Plc.
Should a programme be cancelled prematurely students will be placed at another school to complete their course or students will be refunded their unexpired fees.
In addition to Learners Protection, Academic Bridge, is a member to the Private College Network, (PCN), an organisation of private schools in Ireland, that have a common interest, in promoting English language teaching in Ireland and improving the educational standards within this sector.

11. Visas

Non-EU nationals should contact their local Irish embassy or Consulate or visit the Department of Justice website (www.justice.ie)for details of visa requirements. Academic Bridge offers an efficient visa support service.
According to immigration rules and regulations students are obliged to follow the following rules:
1) Students are allowed to study for a minimum of 25 weeks.
2) Students have to complete one third of their course before they can request a holiday. Holidays can only be for a maximum of one month.

For more information on the rules and regulations please go to this link:

12. Payment

Full payment of fees is due 30 days prior to arrival in Ireland. Payment can be made by any of the following ways.

(a) Bank transfer to the following account;
Account Name: Academic Bridge Ltd
Bank Name: AIB Bank
Address: 126 Capel Street, Dublin 1, Ireland.
Account Number: 50998180
IBAN: IE30 AIBK 93110150998180
Sort Code: 93 11 01
(B). Cash
(C). Pay to Study http://academicbridge.paytostudy.com
Important Payment Notes

13. Cancellation

Booking may be cancelled up to 2 weeks prior to commencement of course with €300 administration penalty for International Students and 20% for EU students.

  • Where accommodation has been booked, an additional €50 penalty application.
  • For Cancellations 1 to 7 days before the course begins, 50% of the full amount will be refunded, an additional €50 penalty applies.

There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has commenced. This includes late arrival, early departure, or days missed during the course.

A fee of €300  applies to cancellations due to visa refusal. Visa refusal documentation will be required for refunds to be processed. Courses are non-transferable.

14. Refunds

No refunds will be made after a course has started.

Approved refunds will be sent within 40 working days of cancellation. Sending bank charges will be deducted from the balance being refunded.
In the case of illness, students may ask for a course to be postponed to a later date. In this case, the school will require a medical certificate.
Courses and accommodation bookings may not be carried over year-to year.

15. Holidays and Breaks

A student must complete 50% (12 weeks) of their course before they can request a holiday/break. A maximum of 4 weeks can be given, providing the students attendance is 80% or more. All student must request holiday via the school website.

An email will be sent directly to the student in case of denied holidays.

16. Exam

ALL students registered with Academic Bridge will be OBLIGED to undertaken externally-verified test of their English proficiency.
The tests which Academic Bridge recommends are: TIE, IELTS. TOEFL,CAE/FCE, LCCI/EDI.
Academic Bridge will facilitate the student in entering one of these exams.

  1.  ALL students registered with Academic Bridge MUST undertake an externally verified test (as above) of their English proficiency; this is mandatory and is not open to negotiation.
  2. Students who fail to satisfy this condition will be deemed to have broken the Terms & Conditions of their enrolment and will be removed from Academic Bridge’s register AND the Immigration Authorities will be notified that they have abandoned their course of study.
  3. Before students can request any documents from the school i.e. Bank Letters, GNIB letters, etc they will have to present proof of paying for an external exam.
    Students will only receive a certificate from the school once they present a certificate from an external exam body.
17. Rules

Academic Bridge observes strict guidelines with regard to equality, bullying, harassment and protection of minority rights; any student found to breach these guidelines will face disciplinary action (subject to the law of the land) and censure.

Non EU students are reminded that they must comply with the regulations of immigration at all times. Academic Bridge will be obliged to inform Immigration in the event of a student not achieving the required level of class attendance over the academic year without valid reasons (e.g. medical certificates). Academic Bridge will also have to inform Immigration in situations where the student has had his/her visa renewed for a particular course and chooses not to attend or to defer the commencement date.

18. Rights

Academic Bridge organises and hosts a number of extra-cultural social and academic activities, both on the school premises and elsewhere, to augment the student experience and learning outcomes.

During these activities it is normal for photographs, videos and recording to be made which may be used for promotional activities (internet, podcasts, website, newsletters, social media, etc.); if a student does not wish to be recorded or photographed during these activities they MUST make this clear during the activity, otherwise the school reserves the right to use this materials for the stated purposes.

19. Complaints & Grievances

If a student has experienced dissatisfaction with anything in Academic Bridge, they can raise their concerns, with any member of staff, verbally or in writing.

Complaints forms are available at reception.

The complaint will be sent to the relevant Director and a response will be sent to the student within five working days. All staff have a responsibility for treating complaints seriously and dealing with them promptly and courteously.

All complaints and actions taken, will be sent to the Managing Director ;Director of Studies.

20. Photography and Film Material

By accepting Academic Bridge’s terms and conditions, the student accepts that Academic Bridge freely can use all Photography, film, and sound material that has been created by Academic Bridge and/or Academic Bridge’s staff during the trip, without asking further approval from student.