Most students need to work to stay during the exchange. Persistence and attitude are key features to get jobs anywhere. Also, it is important that you get to know the labor market around you and especially the language. One thing is certain: The more you learn the local language, the greater your chances.

1 – From the moment you arrive at the airport, make as many contacts as possible.  Let them know you’re looking for work and that you’re willing to do almost anything.  References are also very important.

2 – One great way to begin is by doing volunteer work.  In addition to helping those in need, you will learn the local language and gain experience that can later serve as a reference for a future job. Not to mention that volunteer work is viewed favorably by many large companies.

3 – Produce your CV in a clear, simple and directed to the job search. Ask your teacher to correct it.

4 – Employment will not knock on your door. Get up off the couch and go after the opportunities! Print your CV and distribute. Get away from the usual places. Go to points outside the city center, shopping malls, shops, cafes, pubs, etc. Look for the manager, talk, show interest and dedication.

5 – If you already have a university degree, then another great option is to seek an internship in your own profession or area of study.  This will add an international experience to your resumé which can make a big difference in the future.  And if you do a good job, you may have a chance of being hired.

6 – Look for employment agencies. They may require that you do some complementary course. Do not see this as a cost but as an investment in yourself.  Once you have the proper certification in health and safety or in materials handling, you will get a job much more quickly.

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