Well it’s time to put on the backpack and enjoy some vacation days!  But even a simple trip should be well planned. And choosing the destination may seem easy, but there are some points that should be taken into consideration.

1 – Which places do you really want to know about?d Surely there are several destinations you dream of visiting as a child! Or maybe you’ve seen pictures, watched a video of a place you’ve always wanted to explore. And if you are accompanied by friends this will make good common sense.

2 – How much money you will have. You can not cross the world if you don’t have enough to even reach the halfway point. At this point you have to evaluate all spending: Flights, accommodation, meals, entry to museums, parks, gifts and events (if it is something interesting going on where you are visiting, do not miss the opportunity!)

3- Which type of activity do you want to do? One important thing is knowing what will make you happiest during those days. Do you want to be around lots of people, happening places and big cities, or do you prefer being in touch with nature, enjoying a simple sunset, beaches, waterfalls, or even extreme sports.  There are a world of choices!

4- What is the time of year?  If you want to ski, for example it has to be in winter. If you are looking for beach and sun, wait for the high temperatures of your chosen destination and enjoy! There are some places that are restricted to visitors at certain times of the year, each with its reasons. Stay tuned!

5-Search. After choosing your destination, gather as much information as possible on your target site:  activities, attractions, typical food, currency, price of public transport, and thousands of curiosities you you can find!  Also, be sure to learn a little of the local language, so you can say “thanks” and “please” and any other local expressions which could help you to make friends with the locals.

Now that you’ve chosen your destination and done your research, what’s holding you back?  Get out there and explore!

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