Our courses

Academic Bridge offers its students a dynamic and evolving learning environment. We provide our students with an exceptional learning experience in an atmosphere which is friendly and supportive.

General English

With the main focus on communication skills, this course also provides a solid foundation in conversation and the main linguistic skills such as reading, writing, listening and speaking.

There is a core course book and workbook, which are supplemented by teachers with authentic materials such as newspapers, magazines, menus, manuals, brochures and a range of other sources.

English for business

The Business English Courses teach English fluency for use in professional business situations. Students learn business through listening, reading, speaking, writing alongside real case studies and current events.

Students will learn negotiating, networking, managing meetings, interviewing and socializing in a business environment as well as the ability to write effective business correspondence and more.


Extra Courses

The Barista course introduces the student into the main preparations of the local cafes. Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocca, Hot Chocolate, Latte, etc. It also focuses on basic machine handling and cleaning. Essential topics for those who want to start working in coffee shops and have no knowledge in the area.

The idea of the course is to learn in practice. The teacher shows how to do it and all the students replicate the technique, besides proving all the preparations.