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About Ireland

Ireland is an island situated in the most westerly point in Europe, sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Irish Sea to the east.

The island of Ireland constitutes the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland, and the 6 counties of Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The Republic and Northern Ireland constitute one continuous landmass.

The Irish language is, constitutionally, the official first language of the state, although the majority of Irish people speak English as their first language. There are pockets of Irish speaking areas, called Gaeltachts, mainly along the western seaboard and the southwest, but there are still some communities remaining who are monolingual in Irish alone. All road signs and official documents are presented in both languages in Ireland.

About Dublin

This charming town with its history dating back to Viking times bubbles with creativity, culture and craic – The Irish for having a good time.

Dublin is one of Europe’s most popular city break destinations. Whether you come for business, the city’s rich cultural heritage, the shopping, the restaurants or the famous Dublin nightlife.

Dublin is the capital city and largest city in Ireland. As well as retaining its historical and cultural charms, Dublin offers trendy bars, elegant restaurants and stylish, cosmopolitan shops and hotels.

So not only have you chosen the best city in which to learn English, you have also chosen the best school!