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What is a Barista?

Barista is the professional responsible for the preparation of specialty coffees. Within the professional context a barista “also works creating new drinks based on coffee, using liquors, creams, alcoholic beverages, among others. He must be thoroughly knowledgeable of all phases of coffee life, from the plant’s cultivation, stages Processing and processing of the grain, processes of roasting and milling, besides, of course, the details extraction processes of the beverage, either in espresso machines or in other methods of preparation.

About the course

The course at Academic Bridge College is much simpler than that, it introduces the student into the main preparations of the local cafes. Espresso, Cappuccino, Mocca, Hot Chocolate, Latte, etc. It also focuses on basic machine handling and cleaning. Essential topics for those who want to start working in coffee shops and have no knowledge in the area.

The idea of the course is to learn in practice. The teacher shows how to do it and all the students replicate the technique, besides proving all the preparations.



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What you get from the course

At the end of the course you are going to be able to make all kinds of coffees, and by making that you’ll get all the experience that you need to become a Barista.

The course happens once per week on Saturdays, it is 5 hours long, and when you finish it, you will receive a certificate that will allow you to work as a barista in the entire world.

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